According to, the definition of being humble is “not proud or arrogant; modest: to be humble although successful.”

We do not do a great job at waiving the flag for the accolades our business gets.  It is sometimes unfair to our staff who do such a tremendous, consistent job, day-in and day-out.

This post is to simply say that we have achieved the Mazda Dealer of Distinction award for the 26th time…one of only a handful of dealers to attain this title annually.  But more importantly, this post is to say how proud and honored I am to work along side a great group of individuals.  They all make me proud, not only in how we handle the public, but in how we all treat each other as well.  It all goes hand-in-hand, and is what Mazda calls the “chain of excellence”.

Below is the excerpt from the bulletin announcing the winners.

Dear Mazda Dealer Partners,

As we mark the 27th year of the Dealer of Distinction Program and the 19th year of the Grand Performer program, it gives me great pleasure to recognize our Dealer Partners who have earned these prestigious awards by improving upon every aspect of the Chain of Excellence.Since its debut in 1993, the Dealer of Distinction (DOD) Program continues to remain the highest honour a Mazda Dealer Partner can achieve. This Dealer recognition and reward program continues to acknowledge those Dealerships that have achieved excellence in new vehicle sales throughput, market share and customer experience, culminating in Dealership profitability. Your achievements have proven that becoming the “one and only” brand for our Canadian target customers, is our new reality.The Dealer of Distinction performance measures will continue to drive our mutual business and ensure achievement of our brand, organization and mutual growth strategies. With the all-new Mazda3 and the significant enhancements we are planning for the rest of the award-winning Mazda line-up, we are well positioned to make 2019 a successful year, continuing the positive trend we have experienced over the last several months.

While our product portfolio is a significant portion of our overall retail sales growth strategy, we must also continue to devote our focus to enhancing our customer experience. We are making great strides in this area through Ignite the Passion and our Leadership Values and Behaviors. We must continue maximizing the customer experience in each of your Dealerships and translate that into growth of your new vehicle sales throughput through customer loyalty and retention.  Only together, we can continue building the Clubhouse of Driving Passion.

Please join me in congratulating those Dealer Partners who have earned the prestigious Dealer of Distinction and Grand Performer Awards, for their achievements in 2018.