Achilles Mazda chose Staying Alive Wellness Clinic in Halton Hills as our entry for #MazdaLocalLegends.

Leanne Monaghan has navigated her business through the pandemic, kept people employed, pivoted to expand her services, and continue to support the local community.

It is the “challenger spirit” and values that Leanne and her team embodies which resonates with us. We are truly grateful for the work they do.

Congratulations Leanne and the team at Staying Alive Wellness Clinic in Acton.

From Leanne:

““I started my career as a horse trainer. I loved the outdoors and the physicality of living on a farm. However, that training led me to wanting to understand peak performance of the human body too. I trained as a personal trainer, studied nutrition, and got certified as a massage therapist. Through these modalities, I have helped hundreds of people gain better health through my gym located in Halton Hills.

However, my journey kept me focused on peak performance, which is so related to the mind and that led me to train with Bob Proctor and develop my understanding of mindset, energy, and frequency which has led me to support my clients with training that includes a holistic view of the mind, body and soul. I now coach clients as a High Performance Coach.

As Clinic Director, I have created a team that supports our clients with growth and focuses on each person becoming the very best version of themselves. Yes, we will weigh you, and talk to you about nutrition, but we will also go very deep into other areas to ensure that we find the source of what might be keeping you from optimal health. This may include mindset training, physiotherapy or naturopathic care. Or it may be as simple as a little tweak and getting you enrolled in our 30 days to optimal health to give you a kick start. We believe everyone deserves to feel good.”

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