Winter Tire Packages (Updated 09/29/18)

Winter Tire Packages (Updated 09/29/18)

“Winter Tire Packages”…while we want to forget winter, it is an inevitability in Canada.…so don't forget your winter tire needs.

Every year, we task our fantastic parts team to come up with winter tire packages for you.  These packages represent a "good, better, best" proposition.

Any winter tire is better than no winter tire at all.  The higher up in the packaging you go, the greater the "ice handling" capabilities get.

All our packages include "Mazda Approved" rims, labour and balancing required to install, and tire sizes are proper for the models indicated so as to not provide variances in speedometer / odometer readings.  This is a science, and we've got it down.

Please click on the links below to view the appropriate packages:

CX-3 2016-2018

CX-3 2019+

CX-5 2013-2016

CX-5 2017-2018

CX-7 2007-2012

CX-9 2007-2015

CX-9 2016-2017

CX-9 2018-2019

Mazda2 2011-2014

Mazda3 2004 - 2013

Mazda3 2014-2018

Mazda5 2006-2017

Mazda6 2009-2013

Mazda6 2014-2017

Mazda6 2018-2019

MX-5 2006-2015

MX-5 2016-2017

MX-5 2018-2019

Looking for something specific (i.e. Brand) or for a model that is not listed here?  Click HERE to make the request.  


Winter Tire Symbol  Look for this symbol.  It's the winter tire symbol for safety, and represents tires that work best under 7 degrees celcius.

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